The following government agencies are charged with enforcing the laws that apply to employers. Their websites contain helpful information regarding your obligations as an employer.  If your business is contacted by any of these agencies, Fairgrieve Law can help.

Additional resources for employers from Fairgrieve Law and other non-government sources are also included.

LEGAL Resources

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Enforces federal employment laws. 

Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Enforces California employment laws that protect employees   
  from discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor 
Enforces federal wage and hour laws.

The California Labor Commissioner
Enforces California wage and hour laws.

The National Labor Relations Board 
Enforces labor standards related to worker organizing.

The San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement
Enforces San Francisco labor laws.



fairgrieve law resources

California Anti-Harassment Training Requirement
For employers with five or more employees.