The employment practice at Fairgrieve Law Office is rooted in providing sound legal advice and counsel to small and medium-size companies that have limited in-house legal resources of their own. The firm assists clients establish and review workplace policies, and face employee legal complaints and compliance issues as they arise. 

As many businesses know, compliance with California labor law is complicated and constantly evolving. When working with clients, Fairgrieve Law helps create and enact the right policies from the outset, ensuring that when legal situations happen, the organization stands ready to mount a sound defense with the firm’s assistance.

When a client does face an employee complaint, the firm focuses on a legal strategy that seeks to solve the underlying issue or cause behind it. This comprehensive approach and its focus on the “why” often leads to better issue resolution and the likelihood of future prevention, both critical components for growing companies, and allows them to focus on their core businesses, stay legally compliant and move ahead.